Backend Engineer

Specialised in Java, Kotlin, Docker

Specialised in Java, Kotlin, Docker

Backend Engineer
  1. Good starting salaryAbove competitive salary
  2. Make a differenceYour work directly impacts more than 6000 creative businesses
  3. Fun, informal and focussedThe right balance between having fun and getting the work done

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NB. We are looking for a candidate that is based in the Netherlands

Kees de Boekhouder
Kees de Boekhouder is a one-of-a-kind company. We combine the personal approach of having your own accountant, with modern software to simplify the bookkeeping process. We’re growing fast and we will be taking big steps. To support this, we recently arranged a partnership with Vortex; a private equity fund that has a proper background in IT.
Our mission as a company is to create the Golden Standard in accounting services for creatives and small business owners. To do that, we are now expanding our Amsterdam-based product team.

The product team
We are a young group of passionate professionals.

We respect each other and we engage in constructive feedback and discussions whenever needed, no matter the position.

We support and enable non-IT customers and this means continuously improving our skills to investigate the root cause of their problems and design the best solution for their needs.

We support a working, monolithic, legacy application and this comes with its own daily challenges. At the same time we are in the transition phase to a micro-services architecture, moving to cloud, more automation and more testing. It is a long term goal and we are tackling it one sprint at a time.

We learn and grow together through code reviews, reading, knowledge sharing, continuously challenging the status-quo and trying to never miss opportunities to improve. And most of all we try to keep it simple and fun.

We are based in Amsterdam, so the role is not open for a remote-working situation.

What do we expect from you?
To help us grow and achieve our goals, while sharing our core values.

Technical skills
You should be comfortable with:
● Java 11
● Spring MVC
● Spring Boot, Spring Cloud
● Docker
● Linux shell
● REST API’s concepts

In addition, we would be very happy if you have experience with:
● Kotlin
● Golang
● Github actions and workflows
● Jenkins
● Modern CI/CD tools (e.g. circle ci, travis ci)
● AWS basic knowledge

Backend engineer
Backend engineer

You’ll love working here
Kees de Boekhouder is a small team of bookkeepers, software developers, marketeers and HR, working from different offices around the Netherlands: a spacious building in the heart of Amsterdam, an industrial shared office in Rotterdam and a fresh space in the center of Utrecht. We are here for creative entrepreneurs and their business and we strive to be the best at what we do. The office culture is important to us and is best described as laid back. We end every quarter with an informal get together and all meet up in one of the hotspots that Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht has to offer.

Happy to hear from you!

Either fill in the form, or send an e-mail to with a short motivation and your CV.