“The dream is to be able to make a living from my art” – Linsey Ladru

“The dream is to be able to make a living from my art” – Linsey Ladru

Written by: Sidney Steinmann
Linsey Ladru is a part time make-up artist – for commercials as well as more extravagant work for popular festivals. While she mainly works as part of a team in the make-up world, she also exchanges the bustle of Amsterdam for the calmness of the Veluwe every now and then. There, she has her own studio where she can quietly work on her paintings and jewellery collection.

Do you have a signature look?
‘I do a lot of different types of make-up, but personally I like to keep things as natural as possible. Emphasizing someone’s personality by staying close to who that person is. But I also enjoy exploring extremes, when doing festival assignments for example.’

Why do we even put on make-up?

‘I do have a bit of a love-hate relationship with make-up. I could even say: ‘Don’t put on make-up and be who you are’. I think we often use make-up to hide our insecurities. But if we can see through that insecurity, make-up is a good way to really express yourself, and I think it’s more healthy that way. We don’t necessarily need make-up to get out of the house. Think of make-up more like clothing: an extra medium to express yourself.’

How did you become an entrepreneur?

‘In 2014, during the Art of Color make-up course, the school offered me an assignment pretty early on: it was for a commercial for the Concertgebouw. And I just jumped in at the deep end. The realization that I am an actual entrepreneur has only come to me in recent years. And since then, I also consider whether I want or don’t want to do a certain project more carefully, for example.’

Foto: Anne Harbers

Being a make-up artist is a social profession: you come in close contact with many people, both literally and figuratively. Painting, on the other hand, is a lonely process. How does this contrast fit you?

‘It’s a big contrast indeed, but it’s the perfect balance for me at the moment. Make-up is just another form of art, but on a face instead of a canvas. Creating something with colours and shapes is what I enjoy doing the most. I see painting as a way to get to know myself better. I do it in my studio on the Veluwe. It allows me to break free from the speed with which life leads us every now and then. And in the make-up world I’m mainly contributing to someone else’s story. Through painting, and recently also through my jewellery line, I want to tell my own story.’

Would you rather be successful with your paintings or famous for your make-up?

‘I’d choose painting then. The make-up world has brought me to where I stand today. I’ve created a great network with great connections through it. And I also get loads of energy from collaborations and the feeling that I can help others with their projects, but in the end I dream of being able to make a living from my art.’

On your website you state that you don’t always know in advance what the end result will be. Do you worry about assignments, about whether everything will be ‘okay’?

‘I’m always a little nervous about the end result. When I’m painting, it’s nice to not have people looking over my shoulder. If I’m not satisfied, I can always paint something over. So basically there is no right or wrong, but it did take me a while to feel confident in my process. That has to do with self-confidence. When doing make-up assignments, I make sure that I’m well prepared. I make sure that I sleep well, and that my kit is neat and stacked with the products that I need. That way, I only have to rely on my own talent.’

Photo: Caro de Jonge

What are you proud of?

‘That I’m walking the path of a creative maker. It’s not necessarily the easiest road, but it’s my own route, and I tread it stone by stone. Recently I was working on a set with a creative team that I only could’ve dreamed of before. It was a moment in which I realized that by working hard I can make my dreams come true. I think that’s really cool and it just makes me super proud!’

What are the things you’d really like to achieve in your fields of expertise?

‘Launching my jewellery line and exhibiting my paintings. I also think it would be cool to create a place where I can have my studio, where I can sell my jewellery and where there’s room to help other people develop their creativity and find an outlet.’

Website: linseyladru.nl

Written by: Sidney Steinmann

Featured Image: Ellard Vasen


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