Crowd funding for creative entrepreneurs: how does that work exactly? Check out your game plan in 4 steps!

Crowd funding for creative entrepreneurs: how does that work exactly? Check out your game plan in 4 steps!

You might think of big projects when you think of crowd funding. Like the development of a new app to control your neighbour’s drone or an electric bike you can fold into a keychain. But nothing can be further from the truth! Crowd funding is ideal for financing projects like an exposition or a book you want to create.

1. Determine your project and create a page on

Voordekunst is THE crowd funding platform for small, creative businessowners with a great idea. First you create a campaign page on their platform. On the page you clearly describe your project or goal and what you will use the money for. Then you upload a video that explains what your plan is, why you want to make what you’re making and where the public can contribute.
Think of a compensation, nothing big and nothing financial. It’s more about showing gratitude. For instance a personal thank you or a signed edition of your book when someone donates 25 euro. Or a live concert in someone’s living room when someone donates 500 euro.
All done? Your campaign is ready to go live. The counter will start to run and you have 35 days to collect your target sum.

2. Getting your project out to the world: wreck the internet if you have to!

But first… start with your inner circle: your mother and father, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and the people closest to you. Slowly work your way out of the circle reaching out to everyone including your cat’s brother-in-law’s aunt. So: Family, Friends and after that the Fools. These are people that aren’t familiar with your work and therefore potential Future Fans!
Donations you’re going to collect by crowd funding will initially come from your own network. But if you handle it the right way you can reach a new audience.
An example. In the first week of your crowd funding campaign you’ll ask your family to get your counter off that € 0. After that it’s time for the second circle: Friends. You’ll go nuts on socials, you’ll mail and call everyone you know to tell them about your project. And when you’ve collected more than half of your target sum you’ll go for the third circle: the Fools! Try to draw attention to your project using media, magazines, Facebookgroups and all places you can think of.

3. Side note and a great advantage: you’ll reach your crowd, not just your funding

By crowdfunding you’ll not only reach your funding, but also an audience. Of course it’s important to finance your movie or book, but it’s also a platform to show what you’re working on. People are really involved and like to see your project succeed.

4. Champagne! Your reached your goal, the money is in!

By the end of the campaign, you’ve reached (hopefully) 100% of your target sum. As soon as voordekunst pays out you can start building your exhibition or book a studio. And you’ve also found a group of people that are interested in what you’re creating. Ow yeah, you didn’t only fund your project, you’ve found a fanbase! Keeping them up to date about your project by sharing updates is highly appreciated.

Can you kick it? Yes you can! Go to and sign up your project with no strings attached. Voordekunst will assist you in launching a campaign.


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