Support package of 482 million for the creative and cultural sector

Support package of 482 million for the creative and cultural sector

Minister Van Engelshoven – responsible for Education, Culture and Science – has announced that the creative and cultural sector is assured of a second support package of 482 million euros.

The minister acknowledges that this sector has been hit by the corona crisis “more than average”. This second support package is a follow-up to the 300 million euros that was already arranged for the creative sector. This new package will be made available in the first half of 2021.

The goal of this second support package is “to help as many creators such as directors, script writers, actors, technicians, theatre makers and artists to get jobs and keep jobs. So there also will be a strong and proud cultural and creative sector in the Netherlands after the crisis.”

In addition to the existing measures, such as the TOZO, NOW, TVL, among others, creative entrepreneurs can rely on the following measures:

40 million euros for independent theatre producers

Independent theatre producers (that are not receiving subsidy from the government) can apply for support because a lot of shows had to be cancelled due to the government measures, while costs were made. The goal is to partially compensate for the costs made with the condition that it will be invested in productions for 2021-2022. Support can be requested at Fonds Podiumkunsten.

New measures in this package

  • Municipalities will receive 150 million to support crucial, local cultural infrastructure;
  • Institutes coaching young talent will receive 11,2 million. These are institutes that have already gotten a positive assessment by the Raad voor Cultuur (Council of Culture) or by one of the six Rijkscultuurfondsen (National Culture Funds), but where no budget is available;
  • 20 million for private museums and art collections;
  • 15 million for film productions of which 10 million will be reserved for a warranty scheme;
  • 15 million for preserving the Dutch sailing heritage (De Bruine Vloot, the Brown Fleet).


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