The business account

The business account

Do you really need a business account? This is a legitimate question that many entrepreneurs have when they’re starting their business. The answer is simple: no, it is not mandatory to have a business account. However, it is recommended to open a second bank account in addition to your private account. Here’s everything you need to know:

First things first, the law does not state that it’s a requirement for freelancers to have a business account. However, it is recommended to open a second account, that you only use for business transactions. You’ll have a better overview keeping your business and private transactions separate. Your income and expenses will be easier to process in your administration. When you enter your administration, you only have to keep your ‘business’ account up to date.

Costs of a business account versus a private account

A second private account that you use exclusively for business purposes will do perfectly. You actually don’t need an official business account! The big plus of a private account is the costs that are a lot lower than the costs of a business account. You can also enter the costs of a private account that you use for business to your administration. This also applies if you do open an official business account.

The business account

When to get a official business account

The big difference when you open an official business account, is that the account is in the name of your company. So it has a more professional appearance, especially if your company has a business name. Do you use a private account? Then your clients transfer money to you personally and they will only see your personal name. Furthermore, if you want to use payment systems such as Mollie or iDeal, then you do need a business account. If you work in a general partnership (vof) with someone, then it makes sense to use a business account in the name of the partnership. After all, you will use the business account with several partners. Unfortunately, you’re not able to do that with a private account which is only registered in one person’s name.

Finally, different rules apply to private companies. If you own a private company (bv), it is mandatory to have a business account and it also has to be linked to your bookkeeping. Do you have other questions about business accounts? Then contact your bookkeeper!


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