Catharina Gerritsen – documentairefotograaf

Catharina Gerritsen – documentairefotograaf

6 oktober 2022 – reading time: 4 minutes
“If you make something that’s beautiful enough, people will look at it and this helps you spread your message.”

If you were only allowed to photograph one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“My neighbourhood. Because I would always be able to move to a new place and keep documenting my neighbourhood there.”

Please take us back to when you made your very first photograph.
“Not my very first photograph, but I do remember buying my first flash. Me and some of my teenage friends then went out into a meadow to take action shots in the reeds, using that fancy flash light. And after that, I went on to become a party photographer for VICE, so that was a great start.”

Catharina Gerritsen – documentairefotograaf

Your work has a very strong social aspect. Where does that drive come from?
“For me, the most important thing is that the people on this planet help each other and look out for one another. To me that’s something that’s more than obvious and that’s also where that social aspect derives from.”

What do you like least about your job? And what aspect do you love the most?
“The least enjoyable part, for me, is the amount of computer work. As a photographer, you spend about 80 or 90 percent of your time behind a computer, which can pretty boring. The aspects I love the most are the actual photographing and going places you would normally never visit.”

What’s more important to you: taking a beautiful photo or spreading a strong message through a photo?
“I think both are important. If you take a nice picture, more people will see it. So I think it goes very much hand in hand.”

How would you like to reach more people through your photographs?
“I would really love to make a photobook, that would be such an awesome thing to do. And I think it would be cool to do a photo expo in a larger location.”

When would you be fully satisfied with your career? And what’s your biggest goal?
“I think I’ve succeeded in my mission if, at the end of my career, I’ve been able to make the world a bit better with my work. And if I’ve been able to show people things they didn’t know before or have made them see things in a different light.”

How did you get in touch with Kees de Boekhouder?
“I’ve been with Kees de Boekhouder since 2011, I think. My accountant was the OG Kees! I got in touch through a friend, and at that time the office was still located in the Red Light District. It was in a very small building and you still had to physically bring all your folders and annual accounts. People always forgot to take them back with them, so the office was cluttered with all those people’s folders.”

What does Kees de Boekhouder mean to you?
“It means I can use my precious time for things that are important to me, and that I don’t have to worry about all the ins and outs of my finances. I can simply trust that things are done

Catharina Gerritsen – documentairefotograaf


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