Ciro Duclos and his first solo exhibition ‘I Heard Corn Was Purple Once’

Ciro Duclos and his first solo exhibition ‘I Heard Corn Was Purple Once’

Written by Mirla Klijn
The Kees de Boekhouder ‘Eigen Baas’-Beer is waiting for you nice and cold at an inspiring spot in Amsterdam! This month’s boost: ‘I Heard Corn Was Purple Once’ by artist Ciro Duclos, on display 5, 6, 7 March in the Kunst Kapel in Amsterdam.

I Heared Corn Was Purple Once

In this exposition Ciro’s mixed cultural background plays a big role. Being a child of a Peruvian father and a Dutch mother he often wondered where his view of the world emerged from. After a long journey across Peru things fell into place and he wanted to portray his observations with an independently organized exhibition.

Ciro plays around with visitor’s expectations by testing everyday objects and putting them in a different context. Has corn always been yellow and what do you know about it? What can be discovered looking at a circular saw that’s sawing a circular saw? What’s the meaning of the sun in all of it? Ciro wants to start a dialogue with these questions, which you could call an exercise in observation. The boundaries of what we perceive and how it’s influenced by our upbringing, culture or other environmental factors, are analysed. By the meticulous placement of his work in the Kunst Kapel, Ciro creates a world that tells a disorientating but fascinating story.

Ciro’s father (77 years old) who is a professional dancer will be performing a special show for the opening ritual, accompanied by Vanessa Amara’s hypnotising music.

Ciro Duclos and his first solo exhibition ‘I Heard Corn Was Purple Once’

About Ciro Duclos

Ciro Duclos (1991) is a Dutch artist with a fascination for insignificant materials, everyday objects and spatial awareness. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2015 after which he immediately started creating his own work.

Ciro’s love of materials that won’t bend like concrete, glass and marble, his research of it’s attributes and it’s possibilities and boundaries is almost always at the core of his work. By playing around with perspective and reflection he influences the experience of time and space. What do you perceive and where are the boundaries of reality and imagination?

Ciro is cofounder of art collective Studio INDEBT, a multi-disciplined research studio that organized countless exhibits and artistic expressions at their studio and gallery space Paradijsplein 1. In 2018 Ciro was awarded the Jong Talent development grant by the Mondriaan fund. He used the grant to exhibit work during Art Rotterdam 2020. In 2019 he exhibited in the group exhibit Influencing the Influencer in the Torch Gallery. Works of Ciro are included in the collection of City Museum Den Bosch and foundation OKA.

I Heard Corn Was Purple Once

Exhibition by Ciro Duclos
5, 6 en 7 maart 2020

Kunst Kapel
Pr. Irenestraat 21, Amsterdam

Instagram: ciro.duclos

Written by: Mirla Klijn
Translation by: Renée ter Berg


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