The best spots for freelancers in Utrecht

The best spots for freelancers in Utrecht

Written by Sidney Steinmann
We’ve all been working from home more than ever. But it can be inconvenient sometimes. So pack up your laptop and off to the coffee shop you go!

We’ve all been working from home more than ever. But it can be inconvenient sometimes. For instance when your partner is also working from home and has videocalls all day. Or when you’re not able to keep focus because your roommate is playing videogames. Or you might just be fed up walking to the fridge twenty-six times a day to get your drinks and snacks. So pack up your laptop and off to the coffee shop you go! But not every coffee place is as welcoming to digital nomads. That’s why we’ve selected the best locations in Utrecht. Places where they’re happy to see you come in.

O-Café – Weerdsingel WZ 8

O-café is located only 500 meters from Utrecht Centraal, near the Amsterdamsestraatweg. As they say on their menu it’s a café for: “coffeelovers, foodies, sun worshipers and flex workers.” Although anyone is welcome here, the space seems to be designed especially for flex workers. You can find electrical outlets at every table, you can rent meeting rooms, there’s a space to make calls and Friday’s closing time is late so you can enjoy your vrijdagmiddagborrel (Friday afternoon drinks). It should come as no surprise that almost all O-café guests are working on laptops. You can enjoy the relaxing sounds of a well selected Spotify-list. Only the soft hum of the espresso machine will sometimes interrupt the serene atmosphere. But hey, that will probably only inspire you.

MØS Coffee Bar – Kievitstraat 2

The ground floor of a corner house in the bird district has been transformed to a Scandinavian style café. MØS is a collective of four entrepreneurs that used the building for their own businesses. In 2019 they put in their love for coffee, ‘gezelligheid’ and entrepreneurship to transform a part of their office into a coffee bar. The space is divided in two. The front half of the café is for anyone to enjoy a coffee, lunch or pastry. In the back of the café you can find seats for flex workers. You can hear relaxing sounds coming from the Sonos-sound system here as well. But you won’t fall asleep, because the proximity to the kitchen brings a lively atmosphere.

Centrale Bibliotheek Utrecht – Neude 11

An impressive monumental postal building has been converted to a library. De Centrale Bibliotheek is the ideal place for flex working. It’s spacious, quiet and there are (to be exact) 356 study and work places spread across three floors. Calling and conferencing will get you in trouble with the librarian, but the silence will ensure full focus on your work. If you do need to make a call or meet with someone you can book one of the study rooms on the third floor. For coffee and lunch you can choose from a wide selection on the menu of the adjacent café Meneer Potter. Until February of 2020 the library was found on the Oudegracht. This new location is on the Neude. So when you’ve finished up your work, you can have a seat on one of the many terraces on the Neude.

Het Gegeven Paard – Vredenburgkade 11

What TivoliVredenburg means to music lovers equals what Het Gegeven Paard means to digital nomads in Utrecht. This café inside of TivoliVredenburg is not just situated centrally, it’s also spacious. If you can’t find a spot here, than we can’t help you either (oh well, the Centrale Bibliotheek maybe?). On weekdays Het Gegeven Paard closes not until 00.00 at night, which is convenient if you have a deadline or when you like working evenings. Because of the space and the very high ceiling it can be somewhat noisy in here. But of course you can just bring your own music and earphones.

The best spots for freelancers in Utrecht
The best spots for freelancers in Utrecht

Camping Ganspoort – Helling 87

Always wanted to run your business from a campsite? Camping Ganspoort is a relatively undiscovered gem for the self-employed of Utrecht. Located just a few minutes walk to the south from station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn, you’ll find your ideal ‘holiday’ location. The café has inside and outside seating. You can book meetingrooms for meetings up to sixty people. Because of the corona measures Camping Ganspoort advises to book your seat in advance, but usually it’s no problem finding a seat when you haven’t booked one.

Other great places in Utrecht

Blackbird – Oudegracht 222
Probably the best coffee in Utrecht.

Koffie & Ik – Vleutenseweg 169
A light, minimal environment with good coffee en avocado toast.

Coffee Company – Vismarkt 4
A huge table for freelancers in het middle of Utrecht city centre.

Koffie Leute – Westerkade 30
A coffee shop that looks a lot like a cosy living room.

BROEI – Oosterkade 24
Vegan café with an inspiring interior.

Written by: Sidney Steinmann
Translation and editing by: Renée ter Berg


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